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The representatives of the Queen have always trusted that the moderation of Peruvians and their natural calmness of spirit will at last bring this question to a satisfactory settlement. At present when the diplomatic body residing at Lima has deigned to send to the Chincha Islands a commission, composed of the Ministers of Great Britain, France and Chili in order to confer on the actual situation, the undersigned declare again spontaneously, that Spain does not wish to meddle with the form of Government of the Peruvian Republic, and that the occupation of the Chincha Islands by way of reprisal, until Her Majesty's Government decide the matter, was preferable to other acts of hostility, which, causing effusion or blood, would render the arrangement of pending affairs difficult.

The Representatives of the Queen have not placed the least impediment in the way of the merchants of of Peru or its officers in the transaction of their business; and they have expressly prohibited since the first day, that vesseles without license of the authorities of Callao should load guano.

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The Peruvian authorities may also legalize in conformity with existing instructions all documents of the captains before they leave for the port of their destination. Desirous to give a proof of their good wishes, the undersigned request the Ministers of England.

France and Chili also to inform their colleagues that the bark Iquiquen will be given up. The Spanish squadron will remain on the defensive so long as it is not forced to do otherwise, and it will grant a term of forty-eight hours to the respective authorities, if it finds itself compelled to act in a hostile manner toward any port of the republic. Her Majesty's Government, according to the verbal communication to the chiefs of the foreign naval stations, will not claim the payment of any private debt which is not of Spanish origin, and based on actual rights of Spanish subjects.

All doubtful claims of private persons will be submitted to a mixed commission. And finally, the rumors that Spain wishes to establish in Peru, or in any other of the not recognized republics of America, European dynasties, are without the least foundation. LUIS H. MAZARREDO, Her Majesty's Commissioner to Peru, and her Minister to Bolivia, desires to inform the public that he sacrifices his amour propre, in view of the importance of the questions discussed between Spain and Peru, resigning by the last mail his appointments, which he owes to the confidence of the Queen, as he believes that in grave conflicts all men respecting themselves must, in the nineteenth century, place their Governments in a position to overcome without difficulty, and with a high spirit of impartaility, all questions presenting themselves, abnegating individuals, but always adhering to principles.

All over Peru, the excitement, in consequence of these events, has been intense. The Comercio says:. Government receives daily from all parts of the Republic the most ardent manifestations of patriotism, and political parties have laid aside their differences for the sake of unity now we have but one party -- that for the defence of. The Ocean Queen brings a large number of passengers.

The following is her specie list:.

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  5. In the southern departments of the Republic, the news of the Spanish invasion has produced an excitement difficult to be pictured. In all those towns he citizens organize themselves voluntarily, and solicit to be occupied with preference in the national defence. In Arequipa, a city of 40, inhabitants, 10, men, organized in ten battalions of infantry, and five regiments of cavalry, presented themselves on the 3d inst.

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    The national guards continue to form themselves all over the Republic with the most happy result, and we may safely assume that in very short time the nation can count upon , men ready to answer the first call of the President. The Spanish fleet has landed no men on the islands, and has taken no part in the guano business, except for a while a sort of office was established on the Iquique, at which Captains were required to report, but many refused to do so.

    Already, the funds of Peru begin to run short. The Government has commenced to pay the salaries of officers only in part. Ninety-six of the criminals who escaped from the vessell upon which they were being transported South, have been captured. So far as this Republic is concerned, the people, as far as heard from, are even more excited against the Spaniards than are the people of Peru. We have a report, Drought by a passenger, that one hundred Spaniards have been assassinated in Bolivia. But this report is entitled to very little credit. This State took prompt and efficient action on the receipt of the news from Callao.

    The Chilian frigate Esmeralda, which was at Mejillones, was immediately ordered to the Chinchas, and the gunboat Maipu will follow. The Chilians will make the cause of Peru their own. At the same time all these manifestations were going on in Chili, the enthusiastic public formed the idea of raising subscriptions for buying ships-of-war, placing these at the order of the Government. The call for volunteers was rapidly filled.

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    The clerks in the custom-house at Valparaiso offered ten per cent. The Constituent of Copiapo exclaims: "To arms! Tickets and more information here. Tickets and info here. Doubt and Josh Fuchs. Get your tickets here. More acts to be announced soon.

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