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We're trying this over at BallHyped , a niche vote-up site dedicated to sports and hyping the best sports stories and blogs of the day. Is the web too saturated for the site to gain traction, maybe. But we're also passionate about the subject, and it's a fun project either way. We'll see how it all pans out.

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Rand, I think you're looking at this the wrong way. The long tail was a consumption effect the basis of which as you know was the netflix, amazon scenaro of movie and book purchases and this is important within a vertical.

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I think the social sites as a whole are too broad in subject and the metric of traffic too dependant on outside factors author, authority, topic, etc. A more interesting and applicable approach I think especially from an SEO perspective would be to look at the number of links or to SEOmoz from the social sites including blogs at the domain level and see what that distribution looks like. The network effect - whereby the value of a network is proportion to the square of the number of members, rather than simply the number of members - is a powerful thing.

It's the same reason there is roughly one telephone interopability standard. Now everyone has a phone, the only useful phones are those that talk to the others. This holds true if the value of social media is actually the network bit - in the case of digg, if you actually want news, there is a cap on how much more useful it gets as new people join. The 'wisdom' and I use the phrase loosely of 1, people is comparable to the wisdom of 10, people or at least isn't 10 or times less.

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I think the largest social media sites will effectively stop being 'social' for many users and become simply media, leaving room for another site to be as large as digg is now when the mainstream wakes up to social media and your average Joe uses it. I am can feel that you are trying to promote Sphinn just like problogger did with Chitika when it once started. Sphinn is good but i have seen every after weeks a post regarding Sphinn isnt good looking are you running out of topics? Well, articles about Digg are also dugg often so I think it is natural the articles about Sphinn will be Sphinned.

The problem that I see is that there is a spectrum of variants between blogs and social media sites.

Where do you draw the line? It's blurry.

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If you define narrowly then the long tail does not hold but if you define broadly then it does. I am interested in hearing your thoughts in more detail. Especially about how the line between blog and social media site affects assessment of the long tail effect. This topic is one of the most important to try to wrestle to the ground, although it's very challenging. If you want to get to a social media site that is "successful", then inevitably it will have too many topics being raised for you to be reasonably sure that you get to all the quality items.

Being 'Hot' will often be a function of the author of the item so it may not include some really memorable items. Voting is one way to try to get some measure of value although few seem to be willing to vote. Perhaps another would be to have everyone having the right to nominate 'My Favorite', which would be an item other than their own items.

Provided this was a key part of the social media makeup then counting the 'My Favorite' choices would be a better measure of what some folk think is important. DCLS Favorites. Gheorghe: The Blog.

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Who's the Man dalorian? Mother Nature, 49ers cruise to easy victory over Redskins. Japers' Rink.

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Hogs Haven. Testudo Times. Camden Chat. Orioles draft day 1 analysis and day 2 open thread. Bullets Forever. To keep or not to keep Satoransky, that is the question. Irrelevant Podcast. Capitals Insider. Also, Terry Bradshaw, one of my least favorite players in the history of sports, has admitted to taking steroids during the title runs in the 70s. He was prescribed them by a doctor I'm assuming a team doctor or a doctor "recommended" by the team.

It seems as though many players on the team also went to the same doctor. Remember when Bradshaw went off the deep end about five years ago? And then it came out that he has had mental issues for years, but these issues did not start until after his time with the Steelers. I'm not saying that nobody else was using, but I believe that Pittsburgh was the first team to do so, and when the NFL turned a blind eye to the situation, similarly to the blind eye they turned toward the Cowboys in the 90s when they were winning titles, because they did not want to possibly spoil the popularity of their league by outing "America's Team" at the time as a bunch of cheaters.

Notice the trend with "America's Team" in different eras:.

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Steelers: Cheaters on steroids that clearly had an unfair advantage against the rest of the teams in the league who did not recommend steroids to their players. Cowboys: Where do we start? You could open a penal code book at random and easily find a Cowboy guilty of whatever crime you happen to point to.

Of course, Michael Irvin has toured the entire code book twice over. They cheated during games, the NFL knew it and chose not to say anything for fear that it would ruin league popularity and, by this point, merchandising, which is the only reason why they let teams wear throwback jerseys in the first place. I found some articles that expound on what I am talking about with Pittsburgh. In , four years before the steady succession of Steelers deaths, longtime center Ray Mansfield died of a heart attack at In an interview last year, Jim Haslett, then coach of the New Orleans Saints, admitted to experimenting with steroids as a Buffalo linebacker, and said the use of those drugs among NFL players started with the Steelers.

The NFL didn't begin testing for steroids until , becoming the first professional sports league to do so.

RotoExperts.com Acquires MC3 Sports Media

They deliberately keep these things a secret to guard the economic viability of the league. I understand that once you tell a lie, you have to keep lying, but this is past the point of ridiculousness.

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